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Membership begins as soon as your payment is processed. You will be charged the annual charge at the time of purchase.

At the end of the initial 12-month term, you will receive a renewal notice.

The Dual Professional Media Limited (“DPML”) Services Agreement, the terms of which are hereby incorporated by reference, governs the conditions associated with your membership. Renewal rates are subject to change, but we’ll always notify you beforehand.

Cancellations can be made by visiting your LawyerAccountant page.

The Member agrees to provide Dual Professional Media Limited (“DPML”) information to add content to the Member’s profile and the Member pre-approves such content for publication. Member also pre-approves the publication of a portrait which bears resemblance to her/his photograph.

Profile content can be edited by Member at any time after publication by visiting the Member’s account available at https://lawyeraccountant.com.

Members’s profile will be submitted to third-party sites including web directories and social media websites or application, and these third-party sites or applications may allow others to comment positively or negatively about Member. Member consents to such submissions and understands that DPML does not control these sites and will not be able to remove comments on listings once they have been published.

The Agreement (which includes all online Membership Order Forms, the DPML Services Agreement, and any written Addenda or Amendments thereto) embodies the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter of the Agreement, and supercedes any and all prior understanding and agreements, oral or written, relating to the subject matter. If a conflict exists between the terms and conditions of the DPML Services Agreement and this Membership Order Form, then the terms and conditions of this Membership Order Form shall control. Member acknowledges receipt of the DPML Services Agreement and acknowledges its understanding and acceptance of the DPML Services Agreement.